People react to them either with fear of them as weapons of calculated collateral damage wielded by a soulless government, or with near-worship as symbols of a strong government that has the capability to blast any “security threat”, be it people who want to be left alone in the mountains, or some…

To be fair, most military technology is adapted for civilian use many years down the line.

I don’t think most drones have the lift needed to carry cargo right now though.

It is sad that people have absolute views on drones.

Well, you heard that Amazon was planning to use them to carry packages soon, right?

Yeah, but’s that fairly lightweight stuff. I believe my friend was referring to heavier cargo for those 3rd world countries. 

Oh, yeah, of course, but the only real difference between a normal cargo plane and an autonomous one is the take-off and landing, in which case…

Wait a minute, you’re not trying to draw me into a discussion about airplane crashes, are you?